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Maryland River Stone
Red River Rock
Red Volcanic Rock
Pea Gravel
Marble Chips





We offer decorative rock to fit every landscape need. Gardenscape brand has several varieties of bagged volcanic rock, Maryland river stone, red river rock, agricultural limestone, and pea gravel, play sand and premium marble chips.

Maryland River Stone - Our Maryland river stone is a quarried goldish 3/4" stone. It is available in .5cf bags.

Red River Rock- Our red river rock is a quarried red limestone chip. It is available in .5cf bags.

Volcanic Rock- Our volcanic rock is available in red and gold colors. Comes in 1cf bags.

Pea Gravel- Our pea gravel is available in .5cf bags.

Marble Chips- Our white marble chips are a beautiful white marble stone. Our premium marble chips are available in small, medium and large. All are available in .5cf bags.

Marble chips, Maryland River Stone, Red River Rock, Volcanic Nuggets