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Gardenscape proudly offers a wide variety of landscaping mulches to beautify your yard. We offer pine mulch, pine nuggets and mini-nuggets, hardwood mulch, cypress, natural and colored cedar, black pearl, dyed mulches, cocoa mulch, soil conditioners and aged pro-base mulches.

Pine Bark Nuggets – Available in 2cf and 3cf bags. Our pine bark nuggets range from 1 ¼” to 3 ½” in diameter.

Pine Bark Mini Nuggets – Comes in 2cf and 3cf bags. Our pine bark mini nuggets are a smaller bark chip ranging from ¾” to 2” in diameter.

Pine Bark Mulch – 100% shredded southern pine bark. Light brown in color. Comes in 2cf and 3cf bags.

Soil Conditioner – Available in 2cf bags, and is made of pine bark fines that is available fresh or aged.

Cypress Mulch – Gardenscape cypress mulch is a product of North Carolina or Florida. Provides excellent moisture retention with slow decay properties and forms a weed resistant mat. Comes in 2cf or 3cf bags.

Shredded Hardwood Mulch – Shredded bark from oak, cherry and maple trees that is double processed. Naturally aged to provide a dark brown color. Shredded hardwood mulch is excellent for sloped areas. Holds moisture and deters weed growth. Comes in 2cf and 3cf bags.

Black Pearl Mulch – Black pearl mulch is well-aged, dark, fine hardwood mulch. Black pearl mulch contains no pigments and may lighten some with exposure to air. It is excellent organic mulch. Comes in 2cf bags.

Canadian Natural Cedar Mulch – Our natural cedar mulch comes from Canada and is available in 2cf and 3cf bags. It is natural medium-deep brown mulch. Cedar is a natural insect repellent and is naturally aromatic.

Dyed Mulches - Our mulches are shredded and dyed at our Wadesboro, NC and Emlenton, PA facilites using Becker Underwood Dyes. Becker Underwood Dyes are tested by independant laboratories for quality performance and safety. Becker Underwood dyes are safe for animals and humans. Available in 2cf and 3cf bags. Dyed mulches are also available in bulk. To learn more about Becker Underwood Dyes click here: Becker Underwood Colorants

Colored Cedar Mulches – Gardenscape colored cedar mulches are available in 2cf and 3cf bags. Natural cedar mulch is shredded then dyed with red, black, and brown coloration.

Cocoa Mulch – Our cocoa mulch is made from the shell of a cocoa bean and gives off a delicious chocolate scent. Comes in 2cf bags.