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Gardenscape and Gardenpride brand products are top quality lawn and garden products offered at competitive prices. The finest raw materials are sourced, then combined, stockpiled, composted and screened prior to production. Soil products are routinely checked for content and consistency.


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In addition to Gardenscape and Gardenpride products we offer Butterfield Farms brand products. Butterfield Farms has become synonymous with fine gardening. The same quality raw materials are utilized and supplemented with soil enhancers. All Butterfield Farm soil and mulch products are processed with additional attention for the highest quality available.

Gardenscape soils are high quality soils that are mixed with soil enhancers so that your plants will have the perfect blend of nutrients for healthy growth. Gardenscape soils and soil additives are formulated and mixed at our facilities to provide our customers with the highest quality products. With our topsoil, potting soils, manures, and our cactus soil, seed starter, and African violet mix you can be sure to have beautiful gardens and houseplants.

Gardenscape mulch products are fresh and aged pines and hardwoods that will beautify your landscape. Gardenscape mulch products are gathered, checked, sorted and cleaned prior to packing. With different aging processes we have a variety of colors available. Gardenscape bark and mulch products are of the highest quality that are shredded, sized, screened, and bagged at our facilities. We offer pine, hardwood, cedar, and cypress, black pearl, cocoa mulch, and western bark nuggets. We also offer aged pro-base and soil conditioner.

Canadian sphagnum peat moss with the Gardenscape or Gardenpride brand label comes from Gardenscape’s own peat bog in Grande-Anse, New Brunswick, Canada. The sphagnum peat bog itself covers over 500 acres. Our sphagnum peat bog is one of the richest peat bogs and is of the highest quality in the world. We have blonde, brown and black; short fibered and long fibered peat moss. Several package sizes are available in Gardenscape or Gardenpride bags.

We also offer a variety of stone products for your landscaping projects. Gardenscape offers volcanic rock in three colors, Maryland river stone, marble chips and pea gravel to name a few. All stone and aggregate materials pass stringent checkpoints prior to packaging.

Quality seasonal products are also packaged with the Gardenscape label. Our winter products include rock salts, calcium and magnesium products for traction and melting snow and ice, tube sand, traction sand, and bundled firewood.

Gardenscape is also an authorized distributor for Morton Salt products.

For more information about these and other products, you may contact one of our Sales Representatives in your area.

View our complete product list with package sizes in a grid format.

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