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Gardenscape distributes a variety of limestone products. Gardenscape limestone products are used for correcting ph in soils, reducing acidic soils, and reducing levels of iron, manganese and aluminum. We have Agricultural limestone, pulverized Ag lime, pelletized limestone, granular lawn lime, hydrated lime, and guide marking lime.

SoilSweet Granular Lawn Lime-has a texture like granulated sugar, for correcting acid soil. Comes in a 40# bag.

SoilSweet Pelletized Limestone-low dust pellets for correcting acid soil. Comes in a 40# bag.

SoilSweet Pulverized Agricultural Limestone- fast acting acid reducer for soils and gardens. Comes in a 40# bag.

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Pro's Choice Athletic Field Marking Lime-Used for marking athletic fields. Comes in a 50# bag.

Soft -n- Soil (gypsum)- Used for soil conditioning and a source of calcium and sulfur without changing the ph. Comes in a 40# bag.

Agricultural Limestone-adds calcium and magnesium to soils and neutralizes acid in soils. Comes in a 50# paper bag.



Surefoot Barn Calcite-Used as a non-slip product for barn floors. Comes in a 50# paper bag.




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