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Rock salts and calcium chloride products with the Gardenscape Label for melting snow and ice. Sprinkle Gardenscape Rock salts on sidewalks, steps, porches, driveways or other solid surfaces. Gardenscape Rock salts can be used for additional traction on snowy or icy road conditions.

View our winter products with package sizes in a grid format.

Rock salt products

In Gardenscape Rock salts are a 100% natural mined mineral with no additives. Rock salt is good for melting ice and snow, creating additional traction in snowy weather, to accelerate cooling when added to coolers filled with ice, and for hardening homemade ice cream. Gardenscape Sure Foot rock salts are available in 10#, 25#, 50# and 80# bags.

EZ Spread Rock Salt is new to the Gardenscape winter products offering. EZ Spread is screened to remove fines so the salt does not clog truck spreaders. Available in 50# bags.

Gardenscape Sure Foot Plus blend has calcium chloride added to accelerate the melting process. It is effective down to –15 Degrees Fahrenheit (-28 C). Our Sure Foot Plus Blend is available in 10# and 25# bags. Gardenscape also offers tube sand and play sand.

Gardenscape calcium chloride products come in pellets and flaked form. Our calcium chloride products are available in 25# and 50# bags.

Our Meltdown Beneath Zero product is a medium grade rock salt treated with liquid magnesium and is effective down to –10 Degrees Fahrenheit (-23 C). Our Meltdown Absolute Zero 100% magnesium chloride and is effective to -25 Degrees Fahrenheit (-32 C). Both Meltdown products come in 50# bags.

Magnesium Chloride products cause less concrete damage than other deicers. It is more effective than plain rock salts, you use up to 50% less and it is environmentally safer for vegetation, animals and humans.

Morton Rock SaltIn addition to Gardenscape rock salts, we are an authorized distributor of Morton rock salts.

For a complete list of winter products please go to our winter product grid page.




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