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About Gardenscape Inc.

Kasmoch Family PortraitMore than fifty-five years ago, Dave Kasmoch Sr. started offering Pittsburgh area lawn and garden centers a new concept in wholesale lawn and garden products. He not only sold the best brands, but also stockpiled the products and delivered them in his own trucks. In 1979 he moved to the Emlenton, Pennsylvania area and started Gardenscape. Gardenscape brand products are made of the finest raw materials and are sourced then combined, stockpiled, composted and screened prior to production. In 1997 Gardenscape introduced Butterfield Farms brand products. All Butterfield Farms products are the same core raw materials, supplemented with soil enhancers and processed with additional attention for the highest grade available.

The company is family owned and operated by Dave Kasmoch Sr. and his two sons, David Jr. and Tim. Dave Kasmoch Sr. along with his wife Edna and their two sons built Gardenscape up to what it is today. Gardenscape has become an industry leader providing quality wholesale lawn and garden products serving customers in the North East, Mid-Atlantic, Southern and Mid-Western regions.

To date, Gardenscape has 5 company owned production facilities on the eastern side of the country, including a Canadian sphagnum peat bog and production facility in Grande-Anse, New Brunswick, Canada. In addition, Gardenscape utilizes 9 other packaging facilities to keep up with the demands of customers. On average, 2.5 million bags of inventory are kept on hand. Gardenscape is also an authorized distributor of Morton Salt Products.

Dave Kasmoch Sr. started delivering products to customers in his own trucks in 1945, which has since evolved into Gardenscape Transport. Gardenscape Transport was incorporated in 1990, and currently has 75 trucks and trailers including flatbeds, box vans, drop decks, walking floors and dumps designed solely for meeting the delivery demands of our customers. Along with this company owned equipment, Gardenscape also utilizes a large network of long term, reliable brokers that offer quality service as well.

In addition to providing products for our customers we also offer custom bagging for companies that do not have the facilities to bag their products.

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