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Artillery Fungus - May 22, 2012

Artillery Fungus is a naturally occurring fungus that releases spores causing damage to siding and painted surfaces such as vehicles. Artillery Fungus shows up under the right weather conditions in certain types of mulches as they decompose. In most cases the fungus and resulting spores grow out of decaying hardwood mulch (primarily wood) and pallet based mulches.

To follow is some helpful articles from research done at Penn State University.

Artillery_Fungus_control - what is artillery fungus, how does it grow, where does it comes from and one known control - mushroom compost.

Artillery_Fungus_Fact_Sheet_print - additional information regarding use of mushroom compost to suppress artillery fungus from Penn State University.

There are only three solutions once artillery fungus is found.

First, totally remove the mulch from your property in plastic bags and discard.

Add one of the following products to your landscape:

a. decorative gravel or other non-organic material.

b. pine mulch or nuggets, preferably pine nuggets - pine bark has anti-fungal properties.

c. mushroom compost to your mulch - it will suppress artillery fungus.


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